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Permanent exhibition

The Dun-les-Places Memorial commemorates historic events and people who fell victim to Nazi barbarism.

It tells the story of a martyred village and its inhabitants. The events took place over the course of three days, the 26, 27 and 28 June 1944. Three days which left a deep impression on Dun-les-Places. Three days during which the village was ransacked and burned, and 27 men were shot and killed.

This interpretative centre is a place dedicated to remembrance. Along the indoor route, visitors make their way through three rooms, hearing accounts from survivors, bearing witness to the physical and psychological reconstruction required after an event of such terrible violence. The exhibition presents audiovisual pieces which provide a vehicle for recollection and emotion. 

Outdoors, the route through the village introduces visitors to sites steeped in history and memory.


Dun-les-Places memorial