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The Resistance Museum and Dun-les-Places Memorial provide an excellent contribution to curriculum requirements in History, History of the Arts and Civic Education for schools and colleges.

It offers pupils and teachers the opportunity to tackle, in a concrete manner, various themes specific to the Second World War, as well as the concepts of human rights, freedom, political engagement, tolerance and solidarity. It also provides for a reflection on the historical origins and founding principles of the construction of European unity.

A visit to the Resistance Museum provides the opportunity to enjoy the exceptional setting provided by the Maison du Parc du Morvan (Morvan Park Centre), the ‘Herbularium’ botanical garden, the People & Landscapes Centre, and a wooded park covering 40 hectares, as well as a chance to explore the history of the Resistance in Morvan through site tours, educational workshops, etc.

The museum’s educational service is available to answer any queries from teachers and pupils