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Tour of sites


Dun-les-Places was the most severely affected ‘martyred village’ in Burgundy. Between 26 and 28 June 1944, the inhabitants experienced three days of horror. 27 people were shot and killed. 

- A screening of the film “Dun-les-Places, memories from a broken village”, a film featuring witness accounts of the tragedy experienced by its residents on 26-28 June 1944  (35 mins)

- Followed by a guided trail through the village or an exploration activity: “The Events Path”

Location: In the village of Dun-les-Places (58 230)


Visit to the Franco-British cemetery of the Maquis Bernard and presentation of life in the maquis.

A good 20-minute walk is required to access this site. 

This is an outdoor activity which cannot be undertaken in winter.

Location: Coeuzon, in Ouroux-en-Morvan (58 230)

Site visits are led by a museum guide. Your own transport must be provided. You should calculate 1 hour 30 minutes of activities in each location.


Guided tour of the site: €4 per pupil, €3.50 per accompanying adult – 1 free admission per 25 pupils